Homemade Soda

book coverHomemade Soda by Andrew Schloss Once upon a time, my love and I made a batch of ginger ale from scratch for a party, following a Vegetarian Times recipe. It was delicious and very popular, even among people (like me) who cringe at the ingredient list of commercial sodas. For those who, like my love, want or need to be health conscious, but crave crisp, cool, and bubbly, preferably with caffeine, this book is just the ticket. It’s full of mouth-watering recipes in lots of different categories, mostly simple, but some a little more complicated. Everything is thoroughly explained, from how the individual ingredients work to how to make changes to the recipes. It works its way up from light flavored waters and fruit-based sodas through cream sodas, egg creams and root beers to colas and coffee and chocolate sodas. There are even some naturally fermented drinks, like kombucha and fermented root beer. Most of the drinks, though, come with recipes for syrups sized either to make just a glass mixed with club soda or slightly larger batches just right to fit in a soda siphon. All of the drinks have considerably less sugar and icky additives than just about anything you can buy commerically. There are several different versions of such soda favorites as cola, root beer, and ginger ale. And after the deliciousness of these home-made recipes, you may never want to go back to grocery store sodas again.

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