headshotJan17sqI’m Katy, public librarian, bookworm, and mother of two, among other things.

When I had my son, friends told me that I wouldn’t have time to read anymore. Other new parents asked me for book recommendations, first for themselves and then for their children. It was out of those requests that Alibrarymama was born. These are books that I love, and in many cases, books that my children and I have shared together. There are books to delight and inform from board books up through adult, including audio books and graphic novels. Fantasy and historical fiction are my favorite genres, but I’ll review anything that I find and enjoy. Here are books for kids that adults will enjoy, too, and books for adults – novels, parenting books, and cookbooks and craft books. For fiction, I stay away from books where missing or dead children are major plot points, or thriller types that would keep me up all night, as my children do that well enough already. Parents need to read, too, and your children will learn to make reading part of their lives more easily if they see it part of yours.

My header bar is a slice of a photo of my own bookshelves at home and a slice of a Wikimedia commons photo of St. Ingbert forest in Germany by Oliver Herold. That photo has a Creative Commons license and is copyright to Oliver Herold.

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  1. I like fantasy too–especially books for kids! That’s probably due to my professorish mind.

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