Gifts – Part One

It’s been quite a while since I found the time to post. I’m feeling terribly behind, and also that I’ve forgotten one of the books I read. Hopefully not, and if it was something fabulous that you all really need to hear about – then hopefully, I’ll remember it to tell you about it. Anyway, I now find that I don’t have time to write up even the books I remember I read.

Every year, we buy books for the nieces and (usually) nephews for Christmas. I pick out books for them based on reviews, and then try to gobble them up between buying and gifting, to make sure they fit the recipient. This year, alas, I only got through two of them, but as Eric had read one and I had read another book by the same author for the fourth – well, we hope they work out.

We actually accidentally bought two books for this niece, but I was so charmed by this one that I returned the other one unread, even though it is the latest Traveling Pants book.
Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci Meet Victoria Denton, aka Egg, cinephile and senior in high school in Hollywood. She has always felt isolated and different from everyone else. Her head is shaved bare in honor of Egg, the main character from Terminal Earth, her favorite movie, but she’s sure that no boy would ask her out even if she did have hair. Then she meets Max, who forces her to take a new look at herself. How much of her isolation has she caused herself, and could there be life worth paying attention to outside of the movies? Egg’s journey is filled with real high school angst, plus the fun details of a teen living in Hollywood. Boy Proof is a teen girl coming-of-age novel, but Egg is such an appealing and convincing geek that I would recommend it to geeks of both sexes and all ages.

About Katy K.

I'm a librarian and book worm who believes that children and adults deserve great books to read.
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