Fiber Gathering

book coverFiber Gathering by Joanne Seiff For those who feel passionate about their fiber crafts, there are fiber festivals, all over the country, where the people who use fiber – especially animal fiber – meet with the people who produce it and the tools to work with it. Some are enormous, with people traveling from all over the world to attend them. And some are mostly regional festivals, limiting vendor attendance to locals to provide a show of truly local color. Author Seiff provides descriptions and drool-worthy photographs of eleven fiber festivals from around the country, with sheep and llamas, hand-dyed roving and yarn, and booths of lamb-based food. Each festival is followed by a couple of projects related to the specialty of the gathering just discussed. They are not just knitting projects either – they are projects to knit, crochet, dye, hook, or spin, including very basic spinning, how to clean a raw fleece, and how to help at a sheep-shearing. I’ve never been to the Michigan festival, although it is profiled in this book. I was terribly amused to see the author describe Michigan as a state where August is cool enough that we’re already thinking about woolly sweaters. Not in this part, for sure, but perhaps in Allegan County, where the festival takes place, it’s not quite so sticky. This is a beautiful book, sure to inspire fiber-lovers to seek out their own nearest festival, or perhaps even travel farther abroad.

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