Giant Dance Party

I’m posting today as part of the Kid Lit Book Hop. There’s lots of people posting lots of stuff, so hop around and take a look!

Kid Lit Blog Hop

I first heard about this book from the Zenz family crew over at Bookie Woogie. Their reviews are a conversation among the oldest kids in the family, complete with art inspired by the book from each of them.

Giant Dance Party
Giant Dance Party by Betsy Bird. Illustrated by Brendan Doorman. Lexy loves to dance, but as the story opens, she’s decided she’s done. The problem is her stage fright: she turns into an “ice pop” every time she gets on stage. Nothing she’s tried makes any difference. In a stroke of brilliance, she decides she’ll be a dance teacher instead, so that she can dance all day without having to go on stage herself. But the only ones willing to take free dance lessons from a child with stage fright are – a party of giants. Lexy accomplishes the very difficult task of teaching large, clumsy giants to dance, but then an even bigger problem comes up: helping the giants get over their stage fright when they also turn into ice pops during the recital. The art is vivid and three-dimensional, shifting between smaller sequential scenes and full spreads. Lexy is charming with her full dance skirts and perky brown ponytails, but the giants, fuzzy and blue with pink electrical outlet noses, really steal the show. I’ve had to renew this from the library. While I enjoy it, my three-year-old daughter is in love. We’ve had it for more than a month at this point. She still asks for it nearly every day and has taken to reciting the text as she walks around the house. It’s a fun story with a strong message of overcoming fear and doing what you love.

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10 Responses to Giant Dance Party

  1. reshamad says:

    I can see why the book needed to be renewed!! :)) Cant wait to see this at the library. The cover looks adorable.

  2. stanleyandkatrina says:

    Oh my goodness, this sounds absolutely adorable. The pictures look so fun to go along with a great story and message. I’m visiting through the kid lit blog hop. Thanks for linking in.
    ~Cool Mom/Christine M
    Tech Support for Stanley & Katrina

  3. Julie Grasso says:

    OH, this is fantastic. My toddler is obsessed with Monsters, so maybe Giants will be a hit too. I am collecting book ideas for her birthday in July, so hooray, we just found another one. Thanks for linking in to the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Cheers Julie

  4. Your daughter’s love of the book says it all! The book sounds fantastic and the illustrations look great. Thanks for sharing in the Kid Lit Blog Hop! 🙂

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