Snow Party

book coverSnow Party by Harriet Ziefert. Illustrated by Mark Jones For those people who are looking (even if only sometimes) for a celebratory winter book that is not a Christmas or even a Hanukkah book to share with children, I humbly offer a title. In this book, a large group of snow people – made out of snow people – are coming together to celebrate the first day of winter. It is a great and glorious party, filled with color despite every page being filled with snow. My only beef with it is that this amazing party (secret to those who haven’t read the book) happens only in years when the first snow fall coincides with the winter solstice. That’s putting off the party for too many years in a row, I think, so I read it as when there’s snow on the first day of winter. That’s tonight in my neck of the woods. I hope it’s a good one. Happy solstice.

You may also be interested in Lucia and the Light or The Return of the Light or the new, beautiful and brief Counting on Snow by Maxwell Newhouse.

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