Crab Cab

So the boy can read a little bit on his own right now, with much effort. He’s not too much interested in putting out the effort, however – the books at his level are nearly universally unappealing to him. He is not interested in the activities of puppies or toddlers. He’d much rather check out a book on superheroes or military vehicles and have an adult read it to him. Even the beautiful Elephant and Piggy books by Mo Willems are too advanced for him, despite the limited vocabulary heavily augmented by his expressive pictures. Figuring out the words takes so much effort that he just can’t follow the plot. Willems’ Cat the Cat books are a step simpler, and LB has said that he thinks he can read them. But I was at the library needing a book to take home right then, and all of the Cat the Cat books were out. The drama! The desperate search! I came up with this book, and the library owns four others in the series.

book coverCrab Cab by Yukiko Kido This is part of the Flip-a-Word series. Each book focuses on about three “sound families”, or words that use similar sounds. In this book, it was groups of short rhyming words, ending with “ot” and “ab”. Each section begins with a few words, one to a page – “hot”, “snot”, “pot”, “tot”. The pages are die-cut to make it more obvious that most of the word stays the same from page to page, and Kido makes us of die cuts in the illustrations, too, for a bit of extra fun. Then the words are combined to make silly, mostly two-word phrases – “snot pot” and “crab cab”. The illustrations are bright, rounded shapes that look digitally done. Easy words for new readers, no tricky plot, still fun.

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