Fortunately, the Milk

The question of the day for work: will adults and teens come to the library to do Harry Potter crafts, or only younger kids? I have spent all morning looking into crafts that I would love to do, but not sure if other people would think they are as fun as I do. Would you come, or have you had luck getting people older than tweens in the library for Harry Potter stuff?

Anyway, back to books. This is one I read both because it was nominated for the Cybils and because it’s Neil Gaiman.

Fortunately, the Milk
Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman. Illustrated by Skottie Young.
Mom is traveling for work, and Dad is a bit scatterbrained, especially about groceries. One morning, they realize there is no milk to put on the cereal or in Dad’s coffee, so he sets out to the corner store for milk. Hours later, he comes back with the milk, and tells them the story of what took him so long. It involves kidnapping by aliens, riding in a balloon with a stegosaurus professor, “wumpires”, and cannibalistic cavemen – always with the bottle of milk being saved at the last minute.

The action is silly, and nonstop, and Skottie Young’s line drawings have the perfect made-up-on-the-spot quality to match the storytelling. (Young also did the art for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz graphic novel that we read last year.) It’s essentially one long tall tale. I thought it might be hard to read aloud because there aren’t really good stopping places and it is so exciting. It isn’t a perfect story for kids because all the two kids do is ask the occasional question and wonder if their dad isn’t really pulling their legs. That being said, it’s still a collaboration between two great artists. It’s a lot of fun, and very hard to put down.

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3 Responses to Fortunately, the Milk

  1. Carol says:

    It is tricky to read aloud because there are no natural breaks, but all four of us enjoyed this story immensely!

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