Starting Line – 48 Hour Book Challenge

Friday morning, 9 am
48 Hour Book ChallengeThis is my second year participating in the 48 Hour Book Challenge. I actually started reading at 8:20, with my audiobook in the car on the way back from my daughter’s preschool. That means that, unlike last year, I have a few precious hours at home alone to read, without worrying about her giving herself another haircut! And I took the additional step of doing the week’s laundry yesterday, so I won’t be listening to audiobooks while changing sheets this time around, either. I’m still working tomorrow, but I think my chances of finding a few uninterrupted minutes to read at a library are better than my chances at home.

I have an enormous stack of books to read, and my goal is just to get as many read as I can, and to see if I can get more reading time in than the 12 hours I did last year.

Here’s my overly ambitious reading pile, together with the hydrangea I got for Mother’s Day this year.

About Katy K.

I'm a librarian and book worm who believes that children and adults deserve great books to read.
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24 Responses to Starting Line – 48 Hour Book Challenge

  1. swlothian says:

    One word … WOW
    Two more words … Good luck!

  2. Maureen Eichner says:

    Oooh, you have The Great Greene Heist! I’m still waiting on my hold to come in.

    And The Goblin Emperor is amazing.

    • I made an exception to my usual rule about not buying unknown authors to get the Great Greene Heist. And we’ll see how soon I get to the Goblin Emperor – I already had it out once and had to turn it in before i got to it.

  3. Such pretty flowers! And pretty books. 😉
    I’ll be following your reviews! (I actually follow you already, via my (neglected) blog “The Pooka Picks.” But I’ve added you with this blog, as well!

    Come check me out!

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  5. Muttix says:

    All of these to-read piles are inspiring me to take a pic of my own! Good luck!! What did you choose to start off?

    • I started with Bad Luck Girl, since that’s the last of a favorite series, and am now on to the Great Greene Heist.

      • Muttix says:

        Oh, the American Fairy series looks good (got to love Goodreads)! I’ve added it to my to-read list. For every book I read I think I add about five more, minimum… 😀

  6. Charlotte says:

    Oh, Goblin Emperor! Good one!

  7. Brandy says:

    I’m still waiting on my copy of The Great Greene Heist but I can’t wait to read that one. I read Nightingale’s Nest the other day (it was my second attempt). I’ll be interested to know what you your thoughts are on that one. Good luck!

  8. msyingling says:

    Extra bonus points for a pretty TBR with flowers! Looks like you did your homework and have a nicely diverse selection. Hope you’ve been able to get quiet time to read!

    • Thank you! Charlotte inspired me with her flowers last year. I’ve been checking books out for several weeks now to have a good selection – I had most trouble finding audiobooks I hadn’t already listened to. It’s been a lovely quiet day of reading.

  9. Susan Smuth says:

    Love the flowers! Seems like a great tbr pile. Hope you are enjoying the books.

  10. Liviania says:

    I was supposed to do laundry today. I did wash the dishes, so I’m partly accomplished.

    The Goblin Emperor is so good!

  11. Paige Y. says:

    I brought The Savage Fortress home for this weekend too! I think it’s third on my list of to-reads for the challenge.

  12. MotherReader says:

    I love overly ambitious reading piles! Also wish I could reach through the computer and borrow Tankborn, because it wasn’t at my library and I wanted to read it today having found the sequel. Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

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