48 Hour Book Challenge Finish Line

Sunday morning

48 Hour Book ChallengeSo, yesterday, I read over my breaks and wrote reviews between library patrons. I listened in the car on the way home from work, took a break for supper and kid-wrangling, and read The Savage Fortress for 15 minutes next to the boy while he read Eddie Red: Undercover: Mystery on Museum Mile to himself. Then I washed dishes and listened to a half hour of Legend, finished The Savage Fortress, and started Nightingale’s Nest before turning in at 11.

This morning, I kept my alarm set for 6:30, hoping to squeeze in some more reading before my 8:20 cutoff time. Well… the girl crawled into our bed at 6, and having her awake made it a bit harder to read, though I won’t complain about the cuddles. I managed 45 minutes of reading by 8 am, which was enough to finish Nightingale’s Nest. I was hoping to get in another 15 of The Goblin Emperor, but the girl insisted on being read to herself. (I still enjoyed what I read of The Goblin Emperor over breakfast.)

That means time for the final totals. My total time for the event comes to 16.76 hours. My total writing time was definitely more than the rules allow, but my rounded-way down estimate of my blogging time total on my Excel came to 2.84 hours vs. 13.92 hours of reading time, which my love calculates is 3.6 minutes too much estimated blogging time. I think, since going back to my numbers is taking way too much time and it’s not going to put me over any records one way or the other, I’m just going to leave it, with apologies. It’s still over the 12 hours 11 minutes I read last year – hooray!

I finished five books this year, way over the two I finished last year, largely because only 2 and quarter of my hours this year were audiobooks. Here they are:
Bad Luck Girl
The Great Greene Heist
The Savage Fortress
Nightingale’s Nest

Now I need to get back to real life – I’ll try to check in on everyone else and finish reviews tomorrow. Happy continued reading to those still going!

About Katy K.

I'm a librarian and book worm who believes that children and adults deserve great books to read.
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6 Responses to 48 Hour Book Challenge Finish Line

  1. Liviania says:

    Congrats on finishing! The math at the end is the hardest part, isn’t it?

  2. Good job. I’m currently reading THE GREAT GREEN HEIST as it was the last one I didn’t get to in my 48HBC. Have a super summer of reading.

  3. msyingling says:

    My snarky 16 year old said “Isn’t this what you do EVERY weekend?” She was miffed because she was in charge of dinner while I focused. There will be more time when the kids get older!

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