They’re all recent

This time, only books I enjoyed. Really. And they’re all recent, though I couldn’t get my hand on Jennifer Crusie’s latest. Otherwise, these books don’t have much in common.

The Kalahari Typing School for Men by R.A. Smith McCall. Here it is, the promised third mystery, this one the second book in its series. It’s another village, though now the village is in Botswana. The story moves along at a relaxing pace. Mma Precious Ramotswe, owner of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, takes some cases and contemplates life. Her assistant, Mma Makutsi, opens a new business, the Kalahari Typing School for Men. The book is full of old-fashioned African wit and common sense, somewhat alien to modern sensibilities: When a rival detective agency opens, there is some discussion of whether male toughness or female attention to detail make for a better detective. There is no argument over the characteristics themselves. Still, I very much enjoyed this book, particularly on CD with the musical African accents brought to life.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy by The Fab Five. You love the show – now there’s the book, too. Each of the Fab Five presents a section on his particular area of expertise – food, grooming, interior design, fashion and culture. The advice is presented with their characteristic humor, plus lots of gorgeous full-page photographs featuring the subjects and the Fab Five. The advice is sound, and brief – perfect for short coverage on these important areas. Of course, highly slanted towards men – but isn’t it about time?

Crazy for You by Jennifer Crusie. To be honest, most of my friends would rather be caught dead than caught reading a romance novel. Here’s a book to tempt you. Jennifer Crusie writes hip modern romances that blur the boundary between traditional romance and chick lit, with heroines who have more than fluff in their brains and are not at all inclined to swooning. When Quinn’s long-term live-in boyfriend refuses to let her keep the dog she’s fallen in love with, she realizes that he has always tried to run her life, and she has had enough, both of him and of boring predictability. And why is she just now noticing how hot her best friend Nick is? This fast-paced story has suspense, Fleetwood Mac, and of course, lots of romance and good sex.

About Katy K.

I'm a librarian and book worm who believes that children and adults deserve great books to read.
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