Parsley Sage, Rosemary and Time

An old favorite, first published in 1975, which I used to check out from the Ann Arbor library annually. Thank you to my brother for buying a library discard copy of this out-of-print book for me!

book coverParsley Sage, Rosemary and Time by Jane Louise Curry Conservative 10-year-old Rosemary sent unexpectedly to stay with her crazy Aunt Sibby, who lives at an old house in Maine called Wychwood. One beautiful June day, Rosemary follows Parsley Sage the cat to an old walled garden, clearly an abandoned herb garden. A large sundial is in a patch labeled Time – but it doesn’t look or smell anything like the thyme in the kitchen. When Rosemary eats it, she and the cat end up in the 17th century, where the woman whose house she – and a child named Baba and a baby named William – have unexpectedly arrived is being accused of witchcraft. If Rosemary can convince herself that they have moved back in time, how will they all get back to their proper time and save Goody Cakebread? Only with some teamwork involving Goody Cakebread’s magic cupboard, the local Abenaki tribe and Rosemary’s ingenuity. The plot twists are a perhaps more obvious to the adult me, but the story is just as entertaining. Curry is still writing tales of time-traveling children, like 2005’s The Black Canary.

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I'm a librarian and book worm who believes that children and adults deserve great books to read.
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