How to Knit a Love Song

Recently (and I don’t remember where) I read about what kinds of men are attractive to straight women. I think it talked about the reverse as well, but what I remember best is that while men seem to like women more intelligent than older stereotypes would have, women still pretty much go for big strong alpha males. Cowboys and Navy SEALs and that ilk. Neither of these types have ever done much for me, though I will admit a weakness for men in kilts. But this book is a romance featuring yarn and a very good-looking cowboy. I read about it on the Knitty blog, and had to get it through inter-library loan. Because of the yarn, not the cowboy.

book coverHow to Knit a Love Song by Rachael HerrickThis is a classical romance – meaning focus on the couple and the progress of their romance more than any other aspect of the plot. It features Plot Variation B, where the couple starts out hating each other as people, fighting a strong physical attraction. Abby, our heroine, is a young knitting designer of some renown. She was the protégé of Eliza C, an older knitting star, whose initials and advice quoted at the beginning of each chapter make it clear to those familiar with the knitting world that she is modeled on the incomparable Elizabeth Zimmerman, or EZ, all of whose works are still popular and in print decades after they were first published. Eliza has recently passed away, however, leaving to Abby the small cottage on her ranch, and to her nephew Cade, the current occupant, the house and surrounding land. Cade is furious at having the property split up, after his years of work making the ranch profitable. He’s especially furious because the cottage is uninhabitable, in poor repair and stuffed full of boxes, so that Abby has to stay in the house with him. Abby is fleeing a scary, stalking ex and is determined to make a fresh start here, no matter how unfriendly Cade is. There was just slightly too much description of the hotness of Abby’s figure from Cade’s point of view for my taste, but this was still satisfying overall on both the romance and the fiber-love aspects.

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