Cinnamon Baby

Thanks to my colleague S~ for bringing me this sweet book.

book coverCinnamon Baby by Nicola Winstanley. Illustrated by Janice Nadeau Miriam is a baker. She sings and bakes every morning in her bakery, all different kinds of delicious bread, always finishing with her favorite cinnamon bread. One day, Sebastian rides by on his bicycle. Lured in by the smell and Miriam’s sweet voice, he buys bread from her every day for a year. Then, they marry and have a baby. Though it’s not noted in the text, Sebastian is dark-skinned and Miriam pale; their baby comes out the color of cinnamon. After a few blissful days, though, the baby starts crying. Nothing either Miriam or Sebastian can do soothes it. Finally, Miriam wakes the exhausted Sebastian early in the morning to bring the baby with her to the bakery. When the sweet smell of cinnamon and the sound of its mother’s voice fill the air, the baby is finally soothed.

The story is sweet and simple on its own, but has many touches that add to its charm. I loved that the interracial marriage wasn’t a big enough deal to mention in the text. I loved that Sebastian – again, just in the pictures – cycled around playing his violin. Bonus points, too, for both parents making music. Taking a full year to fall in love and decide to get married is a welcome antidote to the one kiss insta-romance of fairy tales. The thin and swirly watercolor lines of this help make this a book to be savored.

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