Best of Knitscene

Another yarny diversion:

Best of KnitsceneThe Best of Knitscene by Lisa Shroyer.
This book has the 20 most popular patterns from Knitscene magazine. The magazine seems geared to the young and fashion-conscious new knitter, and I am none of these things. However, I still enjoyed the book. It started out with profiles of knitting styles – Fair Isle, cables and so on – with their fashion history and how to incorporate them into a trendy wardrobe. This bit was laugh-out-loud funny. I can’t picture myself ever wearing purple satin shorts, but pairing them with a wool sweater as they suggest – when would the weather ever be right for wool on top and shorts below? There are also profiles of several of the included designers, with photos of some of their other designs. The designs are mostly sweaters (one lonely man’s sweater among them), with some hats, socks and shawls. A few of the patterns did strike me as so trendy that they’d no longer be fashionable by the time I finished knitting them, but I was pleasantly surprised by the number that I really did want to knit. The Central Park Hoodie is iconic by this time (I discovered it already in my Ravelry favorites when I went to add it), and the book version of the pattern includes expanded sizes. I also really liked the Tempest Beret, a cabled hat with the decreases cleverly and nearly invisibly worked into the cables; the Equinox Raglan, with a simply shaped design to show off the stripes of Noro Silk Garden; and the medieval-inspired Opulent Raglan. It was published May 2012, and it’s testament to its popularity here that I didn’t see it on the shelf until now, long after it ought to have been taken off the new book shelf.

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