Diversity on the Shelf – March Update

It may be a little late in the year to join, but I’m very excited to find an official challenge to join for my diverse reading goals! Thanks to Cheryl at Tales of the Marvelous for participating in this so that I could find it as well. This is the Diversity on the Shelf Challenge hosted by the Englishist.

The Englishist

Since this is my first official post for this challenge, I’ll say again that my goal for this year was to read 60 books by diverse authors, about a quarter of my typical annual reading. I’ll still note when I read books by white, non-American or British authors and with LGBTQ characters as well, for my own records.

In January, I read 4 books by authors of color, 1 LGBTQ author, and 4 books with main characters of color by white authors.

In February, I read 9 books by authors of color, 1 LGBTQ author, and an additional 2 books with main characters of color by white authors.

On to March!

I read a total of 20 books in March.

4 of these were by authors of color:

House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard

Peas and Carrots by Tanita S. Davis

March Book 2 by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, Nate Powell

Alvin Ho Collection Books 1-2 by Lenore Look

Aliette de Bodard is French-Vietnamese, so she counts for reading around the world as well as reading authors of color. I read 2 books by Australian author Catherine Jinks, How to Catch a Bogle and Plague of Bogles.

I also read 3 books by white authors with POV characters of color:

Lulu and the Hamster in the Night by Hilary McKay

Winter by Marissa Meyer

The Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron Saves the World Again by A.C. Wise

That puts my total reading by authors of color at 17 for 2016 so far, and 9 more with main characters of color.

About Katy K.

I'm a librarian and book worm who believes that children and adults deserve great books to read.
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4 Responses to Diversity on the Shelf – March Update

  1. Akilah says:

    Welcome to the challenge, Katy. Happy reading!

  2. Deepika Ramesh says:

    I have read about this challenge in a couple of my favourite bloggers’s posts. This sounds great. Happy reading, Katy. 🙂

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