It’s Cybils Nominating Time!

It’s Cybils nominations season!  Once again, I’m very excited to be a round 1 panelist in the fabulous (literally) Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction category (click through for a full category description).  We need your help!  You, yes you, can nominate one book in each of the Cybils categories – please read how to nominate if you haven’t done so before or need a refresher.  If a book isn’t nominated, it can’t be judged.

Cybils Awards 2017

I want the long list to be a really long list full of great titles, because we all know that more than seven great books (the usual length of the short lists) are published in each category every year!  I can only nominate one book in each category myself, and I am (figuratively) biting my nails as I have more than one personal favorite in many categories that haven’t yet been nominated.  Will someone else have loved one or more of them enough that we can spread the love around and get them all nominated?  And what about the many great books I haven’t yet read or heard of?  Will they get their chance to shine? Only time will tell!

Nominations close for the general public on October 15.  After that, authors and publishers will have another two weeks to nominate their own books.

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I'm a librarian and book worm who believes that children and adults deserve great books to read.
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