Cybils Judges Announced!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love the Cybils awards.  Not only is it super fun to be a judge and do a deep dive into recent books in the category, but I use the finalist lists all the time in my work as a librarian.  Got a kid who only wants to read graphic novels, or fantasy, or needs a poetry or nonfiction book for school?  Pull up the guide with the covers of the most recent finalists, and scroll back through the years in the same category to help them pull together a list of titles that appeal to them.
So I am very excited to be a Round 1 Cybils Judge!  This year again in the Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction Category.
Joining me this year are Kristen  Harvey at The Book Monsters, Jenni Frencham at From the Biblio Files, Brenda Tjaden at Log Cabin Library,  Beth Mitcham  at Library Chicken, Sherry Early at Semicolon, and Cheryl Vanatti  at Reading Rumpus.
Take a look at the Cybils blog to see the Round 2 judges and the fantastic panel of judges in all the other categories!  And then start thinking back about your favorite kids and teens books of the past year.  If there’s something you think might be worth nominating that you haven’t read yet, now’s the time to get to it.  Nominations open October 1, and the more books we have nominated, the better we can do at putting together a great list of finalists!

About Katy K.

I'm a librarian and book worm who believes that children and adults deserve great books to read.
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5 Responses to Cybils Judges Announced!

  1. Judi Howe says:

    I’d like to contact you, but my website is under construction and not yet live, so your form will not allow me to submit to you. Any suggestions?

    • Katy K. says:

      Well, at this point I’m only reading Cybils eligible books anyway. I’d suggest nominating your book for the Cybils during the author/publisher nominating period if it’s eligible. If it’s not, waiting until January will increase your chances of my responding to your query and give you time to finish your website. But I didn’t know my contact form required a website!

  2. Have fun with Middle-Grade Spec Fic! I look forward to seeing the nominees, and your shortlist!

  3. As a round two judge for this category, I’m excited to see what great books you round one judges send on to us!

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