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A Week of Reading

Today I looked at the pages of review notes I have and decided to just give you shorter reviews of the books I read this week.  It’s a big mix of styles – two realistic fiction (one teen and one … Continue reading

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Spinning by Tillie Walden

This was one of the Cybils teen graphic novel finalists.  (Although my son read and enjoyed the winner, Spill Zone, I ran out of time to read it myself.) Spinning by Tillie Walden. First Second, 2017. Tillie Walden tells first-hand her … Continue reading

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You’re Never Weird on the internet (Almost)

Here’s another book from my Top 10 2015 Releases I Didn’t Get to post. I have a confession to make: buying a book for myself instantly reduces the chance that I will actually read it.  After all, it has no … Continue reading

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Cybils Teen Graphic Novel Finalists

The last of my series reading selections from the 2015 Cybils finalists – here are the others: Cybils Teen Spec Fic Finalists Cybils Countdown – Easy Reader Finalists Cybils Countdown – Picture Book Finalists Cybils Countdown – MG Graphic Novel Finalists … Continue reading

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Relish: My Life in the Kitchen by Lucy Knisley. Lucy Knisley (French Milk) loves food. In this book, she shares stories of food in her life, with particular episodes linked to food and recipes to go with each. She writes … Continue reading

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Are You My Mother?

I was first introduced to Bechdel by one of the lesbian intern pastors at my church.  While I enjoy Dykes to Watch Out For, I recommend Fun Home frequently to people who don’t know where to start with graphic novels.  … Continue reading

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The Reading Promise

Growing up, reading aloud was what my family did together. Maybe some during the day when we were little, but always every evening after supper. Whoever was assigned to be the dishwasher of the evening could dictate the book, and … Continue reading

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The Blue Jay’s Dance

I am discovering through my work duties that the nonfiction works of popular fiction authors often languish. This one looked too interesting to pass when it came up on my list of long unread books. The Blue Jay’s Dance by … Continue reading

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Sweater Quest

Sweater Quest by Adrienne Martini Martini’s last book, Hillbilly Gothic was a memoir of severe postpartum psychosis. Grim subject, that one, saved by Martini’s delightful sense of humor. This book brings the same thoughtful approach and humor to a more … Continue reading

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The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin Is happiness really worth pursuing? Rubin decides that yes, it is. Her happiness affects her whole family’s happiness, and she doesn’t want the best years of her life to slip by without her being … Continue reading

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