Stolen Magic

Stolen MagicStolen Magic. Kat, Incorrigible Book 3. by Stephanie Burgis. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2013.
This is the final book in the series – sniff! – though there is a free ebook-only short story and I have been hearing Ms. Burgis write on her blog about working on more short fiction starring Kat – hooray!

At any rate, this book picks up shortly after we left off (spoilers for the first two books are unavoidable.) Kat is trying to carry on in her usual manner, such as sneaking out at night to practice her magic where no one will notice. Unfortunately, her formerly dissipated brother Charles has reformed following the events of book 2, and now tediously feels it his duty to make Kat toe the line of propriety, as well. Angeline is about to get married, though she still dreads her future mother-in-law, Mrs. Carlyle. Kat is also supposed to be initiated into the Guardians at last, but this is put on hold when Problems arise. Naturally, Kat’s long-time would-be nemesis in the Guardians, Lady Fotherington, believes that Kat is behind this. When Kat finds multiple suspicious things happening around them – attempted murder, mysterious figures following her in the night – she tries to tell the truth, but as usual, no one will believe her.

As Kat’s family travels to the Carlyle’s home for Official Introduction to the Families, things only get worse. There is plenty of Interpersonal Drama, Excitement, Intrigue, and a new Romance – this time for Charles. It all comes together very satisfyingly, with character growth as well as plot resolution for multiple characters. Need I say more? The series finishes as it began, sparkling with wit and humor and a pleasing combination of plot and captivating characters, a perfect example of middle grade fiction that works well for kids through adults.

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