2014 in Review: the Numbers

Once again, it’s time for me to look at how I did with my reading and blogging this year. I am a geek, and I enjoy graphs – so join me if you like graphs too. If not, I’ll be back to reviewing soon!

I reviewed 173 books in 2014, down a little from 188 last year but still up from 122 in 2012. It felt like tracking my Cybils reading took a lot of my regular posting time– not the actual reading but the tracking of which books I’d read and which ones I needed to lay hold of. I logged 254 books that I read, but I realized looking at my charts of age distribution that I haven’t been logging the early chapter books my daughter and I listen to in the car. Just going by the series number of the series we’ve listened to (35 Magic Tree House Books, 24 Junie B. Jones books and quite a few Ivy and Bean books), I get an additional 65 early chapter books – yikes! – which I then added into my reading graph. That would bring my total books read up to 319.

Last year, I had only one graph – but this year I kept a spreadsheet and tracked more things, like this:

I feel like I need to read more teen this year! More graphic novels! I guess I’m back to the pipe dream of being able to read everything interesting.

And just perhaps being on the Cybils mg speculative fiction committee led to me reading so very much fantasy this year.

I feel like I did pretty well for gender split on my authors, but even though I was actively trying to read diverse books, I feel like it doesn’t really show in these author stats. Part of that is that many of the books I counted as diverse had diverse characters, but not necessarily diverse authors. Part of it is that most authors don’t announce their heritage in their bios – I went by clues from names and photos, which can be misleading – you’d never know my husband is part Asian by his name, nor my kids by their faces. But part of this, of course, is that I need to work harder at finding, reading, and reviewing diverse authors.


Some other book blogger (I forget who, now) shared her spreadsheet a few months ago, with even more data. This year, I’m separating out format from genre, so I can tell print to digital to audio – and I’ll also track author nationality, which should also be interesting. If you have things that you track, or that you think it would be interesting for me to track, I’d love to hear them.

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I'm a librarian and book worm who believes that children and adults deserve great books to read.
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10 Responses to 2014 in Review: the Numbers

  1. What a brilliant year of reading. Congrats, you’re a book reading machine, but I bet your TBR pile is still huge.

    • Thank you! There’s nothing like trying to read 155 books in 3 months to make you feel like a slow reader… and I avoided adding to my actual TBR pile or even my want-to-read list the past few months by neglecting my blog reading. Now – do I start with the 2014 books I still want to read, or move on to the new stuff???

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