2017 in Review: by the Numbers

So my plans to be super on top of posting are being foiled by weather and sick kids and lots of actual work… but I’ve been slowly working on these numbers over the past several weeks.  Is this fun for you, dear reader?  Or just useful for me to keep myself honest?  I don’t know, so let’s get on to the pretty graphs.


Here’s what I read last year. Clearly I either need to write reviews faster or revise my expectations!

How I Read


Most of my reading is still in print, though audio makes up a good chunk. I really only do CD books when I can’t get an eaudio now, though. “Graphic” here means graphic novel – more because I don’t want to put it as a genre than because it really is a different format.


Why yes, I am a library reader. I am so grateful for librarians who will buy me the books I want!


Even though I read with my kids every day, I still read faster to myself.

What I Read


I am a fantasy reader! Being on the Cybils Spec Fic committee again this year pushed my fantasy percentage up to its normal range again, after last year’s higher percentage of realistic.


I think I was feeling like I needed to catch up with some middle grade books. The last few years, my reading was only about half middle grade.

The Authors


And the moment of truth… am I succeeding in my goal of increasing the diversity of my authors? It’s about the same as last year, but better than it was in years before that.


Ouch! I didn’t even read enough Australian authors for it to show up as a significant section on my graph.


This is pretty typical for my reading.

The Characters


The characters are more diverse than the authors, even as I’ve made more of an effort to find #OwnVoices authors.


I kept an eye out for diversity not related to ethnicity or skin color, too, and got this. This is an area where I seem to need help finding more good books to read!

You can compare this to my graphing fun for 2016, 2015, and 2014. And please share any books that you think would help me round out my reading for 2018!

About Katy K.

I'm a librarian and book worm who believes that children and adults deserve great books to read.
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